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REIA Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.
If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • What is the suggested attire at REIA meetings?
    Business casual.
  • What experience levels are welcome?
    All levels of real estate investors - from "pre-newbies" to seasoned pros are welcome at REIA events.  The only exception is the REIA Commercial Deal Makers lunch, which is more suitable for those currently involved in or actively seeking commercial real estate.

REIA Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Guests attend a meeting before joining? 
    Absolutely!  You are welcome to attend meetings that are "Open to the Public" as many times as you would like before you join, though it can be expensive to attend too many meetings as a Guest, both in terms of meeting costs and what you are missing!
  • What can I expect at the REIA Main Meeting?  
    Networking that is second to none, education from well informed speakers, all typically in a "pitch-free" environment.
  • Are the meetings really educational or one long sales pitch?
    No one wants an "educational" event to turn out to be a perpetual sales pitch, followed by the next meeting or "class" and yet another day of high pressure efforts, REIA included!  Those types of meetings typically do little more than amass consumer debt and separate you from money that could better be used growing your business.
Let's keep in simple:  you can generally leave your credit card at home when you come to REIA meetings, with the exception of Annual Dues and Event Fees, when applicable.  Meeting costs are outlined on the Meetings & Classes page while Annual Dues related to different Membership types are outlined on the Membership Options and Military & Veterans pages of this website.  Does that mean that we never have a speaker who offers a book?  No, it doesn't.  If you already have the book being offered (or another by the same speaker), you are also welcome to bring yours to the meeting for an autograph.. The only potential exception when products may be offered, other than books, is if the speaker is requested by sufficient REIA Members. That hasn't happened for about five years. When products are offered at REIA the sales efforts are contractually minimal and the speaker is well placed.
  • Can Guests attend a meeting free?
    We are sorry but it is not REIA's policy to permit Guests to attend events free of charge. When you find "free" meetings they are typically anything but free with businesses vying for your business, courses and coaching being pitched and the like.  REIA periodically offers "Bring a Friend Free" coupons to REIA Members or other money saving coupons but both are the exceptions rather than the norm.
  • I'm a cash buyer.  How can I get the word out that I am looking for a deal?
    Easy.  Visit the Advertise With REIA page for additional information and get your real estate investing business listed in the Cash Buyers section of the REIA Business Associates Directory. We also recommend a post in the Deals Forum of the Message Board in the Member Area of this website.
  • Can I offer services my business provides at REIA?
    You bet!  REIA Members and Guests are always looking for "investor friendly" businesses for their real estate investing teams!  Visit the Advertise With REIA page for additional information and get your business listed in the REIA Business Associates Directory along with other REIA Business Members.
Affordable, simple advertising to Real Estate Investors at REIA!
  • Which meetings are free to REIA Members?
    Generally the only meetings REIA Members pay to attend are classes and the Wholesalers Round Table.  Visit the Meetings & Classes page for additional information as well as the "Event Detail" on each Calendar page.
  • Does REIA offer benefits and savings to Members?
    You bet!  New REIA Member Benefits are added regularly.  See some of the REIA Member Benefits currently offered and take a look at the REIA Member Bonus for savings on your Annual Membership Dues!
REIA Savings for U.S. Active Duty Military & Veterans
  • Does REIA offer savings to U.S. Active Duty Military and Veterans? 
    REIA is one of the few real estate investing associations in the nation to recognize our Military and Veterans with savings on Annual Membership Dues and educational events, with our thanks for your service and sacrifices. 

    Please visit the Military & Veterans page for additional information.
  • I understand that REIA has some of the lowest Annual Dues in the country.  How can you do that?
    Easy!  First, we practice what we preach and heavily negotiate with our meeting places and other suppliers to keep overhead costs low.  Second, REIA is managed by volunteers.  We simply do not have payroll, payroll taxes and other budget-busting costs that most associations pass onto their Membership through higher Membership Dues and a seemingly endless flow of "selling speakers".  Pitch-free meetings work the best for REIA and the REIA Membership as a rule.
  • Can I join REIA online?
    You are welcome to join REIA at any REIA Event.  You may also complete your REIA Membership Application online to receive a call from a REIA Volunteer to complete your Membership or print a copy of the REIA Membership Application and mail it to REIA, 227 Bellevue Way NE # 486, Bellevue WA 98004 along with your Annual Dues and, if applicable, proof of military service.  In any case a REIA Volunteer will typically contact you by phone within two business days to process your Membership and welcome you to REIA!  Your REIA Membership Badge will be available at the next REIA Event.
  • Does my participation in REIA guarantee my success as a real estate investor? 
    Absolutely not!  While we believe education and networking are the keys to success in real estate investing, and REIA excels at facilitating both, it is ultimately up to you!
  • Where can I learn more?
    Additional information can be found throughout the REIA website.  We also recommend v
    isiting the Meetings & Classes page to learn more about what REIA has to offer from an events standpoint.  The upcoming, current and historical meetings and classes are available on the REIA Calendar of Events
  • What if I still have questions after I have looked at the REIA website?
    Contact us at info@REIAwa.com425.454.1922 or 1.877.454.REIA.  Please include your phone number when contacting us by email.
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