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Brighten Someone’s Holiday Season! 

The 13th Annual REIA Holiday Collection is underway!

Since our inception, REIA, the REIA Membership and REIA Guests have used every November as an opportunity to give to our community.  We hope to meet or exceed past successes this November, with your help! REIA typically delivers more than 750 pounds of food each year PLUS clothes, toys, gift cards, and money collected at November REIA Events, with our thanks for your help and generosity!

Get - and share - the 13th Annual REIA Holiday Collection printable flyer

This year our collection will again be for LifeWire, formerly named the Eastside Domestic Violence Program. Our mission? To provide food that allows families to make a proper holiday meal and to help families have a “normal” holiday season. Your donations provide Christmas gifts to give and receive for families, including gifts for the littlest victims of domestic violence: the 160+ children in the direct and community care of LifeWire.   LifeWire, formerly named the Eastside Domestic Violence Program
We have a tall order to fill again this year!  We are shopping for 160+ kids and their mothers.  There are many little ones under the age of five, babies on the way and a high number of boys and girls in their tweens and teens.

2019 REIA Holiday Collection for LifeWire


Kids of all ages and their parents, the adult survivors, need our help and support. 

Many of those we are shopping for got away from their abuser with only the clothes on their backs - no where to live, no money, no food, no clothes, no toys.  Absolutely nothing. That's where we come in!


2019 REIA Holiday Collection for LifeWire
REIA will collect donations at all November REIA Events.
You are welcome to donate funds with your major credit or debit card at a meeting or by phone; REIA donates the processing fee and LifeWire will send your receipt.
Donations in any amount are GREATLY needed and appreciated!

Visit the REIA Calendar of Events for upcoming events and registration or
contact us
425.454.1922 or 1.877.454.REIA to donate.

For those of you who aren't sure how domestic violence affects you: a Group Health study reports that 44% of women surveyed in the Puget Sound Region have been abused by their partners at some point in their adult lives. Surveys show that child abuse occurs in approximately 70% of families experiencing domestic violence. More than 90% of children in homes with domestic violence are eyewitnesses to violence.  On average, 20 people per minute experience rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the U.S. – that’s more than 10 million women and men over the course of one year.
The victims are your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow investors and potentially the person sitting next to you at REIA events.  Let's give everyone a holiday season to remember - in a positive way.
Here are a few suggestions for donations to bring to November REIA Events.  
  • Non-perishable FOODS
    Canned meats, vegetables, fruits; cranberries, french-fried onions, pumpkin, yams, marshmallows, corn syrup, flour, sugar, brown sugar, packaged gravy, jello, pudding, powdered milk, instant potatoes, muffin mixes, cake mixes, frosting, baby food (formula, jars and cereals).  Think about your own holiday meals and try to include foods so the families can have their own "normal" holiday meal!  A few post-holiday foods such as rice, soup, chili, spaghetti sauce, pasta, tuna, etc. would help too.
  • New unwrapped TOYS and CLOTHES
    For all ages of children and their mothers.  Expectant mothers in the shelters also need items for their soon-to-be newborns!
  • REALLY important stuff 
    Coats, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, shoes, socks, underwear, pajamas, diapers, baby food, clothes and toilet paper.  Household items - towels, pans, dishes, etc. - to set up a new household away from their abuser.  Cell phones to call 911 can save lives! 
  • Gift cards 
    Stores that carry food (think turkeys and hams!), household goods, toys or clothing are a help to families as they shop for traditional holiday meals as well as family gifts that are special to them.  Gas cards and bus passes help too.
  • Cash, check and credit card donations 
    REIA will process your credit card donation and donate the processing fee if you prefer to give with a credit or debit card to be used for temporary emergency housing, staffing the LifeWire 24-hour Help Line and other needs.

Businesses who would like to help and get a very public "thank you" on this page, in emails sent to REIA Members and Guests and in REIA press releases are encouraged to contact REIA with a donation of $300 or more.

Call REIA at 425.454.1922 or 1.877.454.REIA to donate.
Donations in any amount are GREATLY needed and appreciated!
Share the 13th Annual REIA Holiday Collection
Please do everything that you can not only to help maintain LifeWire services with your donations but to give the families a brighter holiday season!
The families will be grateful for anything you can do!

2019 REIA Holiday Collection for LifeWire

  Thank you
for your support of LifeWire
and REIA!

  2019 REIA Holiday Collection for LifeWire
Contact us with questions or to donate:

REIA, the Real Estate Investors Association of Washington
Mail / Delivery Address: 1100 Bellevue Way NE # 486, Bellevue WA 98004 - - -

425.454.1922 or 1.877.454.REIA (7342)




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