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Bettyanne and Wayne Hasbargen

Bettyanne Hasbargen has freely given her time and energy to REIA and REIA Members as a Volunteer for the last five years.  She has arrived early, stayed late, missed parts of speakers' presentations and worked hard to accommodate fellow REIA Members.
Bettyanne's husband, Wayne Hasbargen, has been active in the real estate investing community, including as a REIA Member, for years.  An experienced craftsman, Wayne is in the Carpenters Union Local 30 and has applied his skills to flips, even earning he and Bettyanne a nice compliment from the City of Auburn Now they both need our help.
Wayne suffered from severe dehydration and heat stroke in the hot eastern Washington sun while he was on his annual fishing trip in mid July.  As of this writing, Wayne is no longer on life support; Wayne's ventilator has at long last been removed.  He has fought with everything he has and has thus far survived his heart stopping eight times in six hours and a plethora of issues that arose because of the dehydration..Every one of his ribs are broken and splintered from aggressive resuscitation.  He is unable to swallow or speak in any volume from such a long period on the ventilator that kept him alive.  His hands are non-functional for some inexplicable reason.  Doctors are cautiously optimistic that Wayne will make nearly a full recovery but it will be a long, difficult road with at minimum months of rehabilitative care and recovery time.
Neither Wayne nor Bettyanne will be able to work for quite some time.  Bettyanne first and foremost asks for your prayers but is also very much in need of our financial support.  Wayne has disability insurance that will not pay basic necessities let alone co-pays, medications and other related expenses of recovery..
UPDATE! Wayne has improved GREATLY over the last several months. He continues with therapy and continues healing but is not out of the woods yet. He will have some level of 'procedure' on his heart on February 15th with decisions to be made mid-procedure to resolve the still low blood flow. Wayne had his sternum and every rib broken during the initial emergency so hopefully the 'procedure' will prove to be somewhat minor. Surgery on both hands is also being scheduled as each hand has substantial problems post-coma. Thankfully Wayne had brain injury, not brain damage, and we are optimistic that many of his medical issues can improve with surgeries, time and a lot of hard work. Your donations are used to replace Wayne’s disability insurance, which has now ended, for basic living expenses, medical insurance deductibles, medical equipment and care. Your ongoing prayers and your donations in any amount are still very much needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support!

We have set up a GoFundMe page as a means of collecting donations and keeping everyone up to date on Wayne's progress. 

PLEASE make a donation in any amount - every dollar counts. 
Please share the GoFundMe page below on all of your social media and websites. 
Here's the link:  
  Thank you for your support.
Wayne Hasbargen  Bettyanne Hasbargen



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