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July Main Meeting

We all know the Real Estate market has cycles.  Each part of the cycle has its unique opportunities and challenges.  Back in 2010,  it was easy to find good Contractors.  Homeowners were getting foreclosed on in mass.  Very few people were remodeling their homes.  Banks were not lending, so new construction screeched to a halt.  Contractors were hungry and were willing to do work at very low margins just to stay in business.  Unfortunately, things were so slow, a lot of folks went out of business.

We all know what happened next -  the economy turned around, population grew, and we found ourselves with a shortage of housing.  The Contractor base had shrunk and was unable to meet the surging housing demand.  Home prices and rents went up as Demand outstripped Supply.  Suddenly the Contractors who were searching for business a few years earlier were overwhelmed with customers.  Contractors who had little pricing power in 2010 now had considerable pricing power.  Established Contractors quickly were overwhelmed with large backlogs of business.

So what are we Investors supposed to do?  How do we find reasonably priced Contractors who will show up when they are supposed to and perform quality work?  When Contractors are in high demand and can pick and choose among customers, how do we get the good ones to pick our job at a price we can afford? This month we will have a panel of four Contractor/Investors share their tips on how to find, hire and work with good Contractors.  The panel will be composed of Mary Stewart, Austin Lee, Marvin Sadovsky and Beach Hensley.  They will:

  • Provide tips on how smart Investors research and background check their Contractors.
  • Discuss how to work with and get the most from your Contractors. 
  • Share what good Contractors are looking for when they are deciding on who they want to work with.  
We have all heard the horror stories that result from bad Contractors.  Come out to this month's main meeting and find out how you can improve your odds of building strong relationships with the good ones.
Date and Time
Start Date: 07/17/2018 Start Time: 6:30 AM
End Date: 07/17/2018 Approx. End Time: 9:00 AM
Registration Deadline: 07/17/2018 Meet Time: 5:30 AM
Event Leader
Emily Smith
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Non Members $15.00 07/17/2018
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Event Location: Highland Brewing Company
Address: 12 Old Charlotte Hwy , Asheville , NC   28803
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